Rewarding creators, generating excellence:

AI's new rhythm.

Rewarding creators, generating excellence:

AI's new rhythm.

Select, Generate, and Achieve Your Desired Image

AIU embodies the harmony between AI and humans

What is AIU?

AIU is a DApp that leverages AI technology to produce various images and where original image artists are compensated for their original works. It was created to address existing issues with AI generators such as accuracy, limitations of drawing styles, and compensation issues.

How users generate images with AIU

1. Select Base Image

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AI Image Generator issues

The existing AI image generator requires numerous attempts to output the desired image, and due to the limited trained image pool, diversity is yet lacking. Furthermore, compensation issues related to the original images used for image generation still remain problematic.

How is AIU solving the problem?

AIU has addressed issues related to limited artistic styles, and compensation issues of the existing AI through its unique new system.

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AIU Feature

AIU’s Enhanced Features


Various images may be created reflecting the style of a particular artist, using a base image.


Generating popular images through base images


Image output feature reflecting the style of a particular artist


Multi-base image reflection feature


Various post-process support for practical use


Sprite animation generation feature

AIU Process

The Process of AIU

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Through the collaboration and fair process involving the DAO, validators, and general evaluators, the registration and validation of artists and base image creators are carried out.

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AIU uses various methods to train AI using the artwork provided by the original creators.

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1. Base image selection process 2. Art style selection process 3. Image output using AI generator

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Issuance and Trading of NFTs

After generating an image, AIU users can publish it as an NFT, thus obtaining ownership and on-chain royalty of the respective image.

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Reward System

Members of AIU receive AIU token rewards for contributing to the services provided by AIU.

AIU Ecosystem

Members of AIU Ecosystem

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Base Image Creators

Base image creators provide base images to AIU and help improve the accuracy and diversity of the image generator.

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AIU artists provide different artistic styles and enable users to generate high-quality images.

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Validators play a crucial role in AIU as members who verify artists and base image creators related to image generation.

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General evaluators participate in evaluating aspects such as image authenticity for a certain period after image registration in AI projects


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